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Is HRT the only answer to vaginal dryness?

There is much talk about what the menopause does to a woman’s body temperature and her moods. There is, understandably but rather misleadingly, much less time given to what changes she is likely to experience in her vagina. The sharp drop in the levels of the hormone oestrogen can cause devastation as it plays a […]

What should I look for in a fertility clinic?

Anyone who is struggling with infertility will tell you how stressful an experience it can be. Whether it feels like everyone around you is caressing a blooming bump or whether you’re dreading yet another physical examination, every aspect of getting pregnant can be an ordeal – so finding the right fertility clinic for you is […]

Can an endometrial scratch improve my chances of pregnancy?

For couples undergoing IVF, having a cycle fail despite the transferred embryo being of good quality can sometimes be all the more distressing. They may question if it doesn’t work when all the signs are good, when will it? In some cases where there has been no discernable reason for the IVF to have failed, […]

Top 5 FAQs about fibroids

Many women who have fibroids experience no symptoms so carry on as usual, unaware of the condition. For others, the experience is very different. Female gynaecologist Miss Amanda Tozer sees many women with fibroids in her London clinic, each with their own set of symptoms – but many of the concerns are the same. Here […]

I don’t think I’m ready for fertility treatment…

It is no secret that IVF is a stressful process. With all that is stake, it is going to be. You then throw some hormonal drugs into the mix for good measure. For every eager-to-get-going woman who presents at Miss Amanda Tozer’s London fertility clinic, there will be another who is filled with apprehension and […]

How can gynaecological laser treatment help my menopause symptoms?

Ask most women what they imagine their treatment options will be when they come to the menopause, and the majority will say ‘HRT or a herbal alternative’. There are, however, more options for women and one of the latest introductions is the innovative MonaLisa Touch. A laser treatment for vaginal atrophy, laxity and mild urinary […]

Well Woman Screening FAQs

Do you have much time in your life to think proactively about your health? Very few women do, but it is well worth factoring in some time to attend a Well Woman screening appointment. 1. Who is it for? Well Woman screening is for all women, whether they are in their reproductive or postmenopausal years. […]

5 myths about endometriosis

For the millions of women who endure years (seven, on average) of pain before receiving a diagnosis of endometriosis, recent coverage of the disease will have come as a relief. For too long this debilitating condition has been referred to dismissively as ‘women’s problems’ by society, and many doctors do not recognise the symptoms and […]

Can I leave my ovarian cyst untreated?

Ovarian cysts are likely to develop in 7 per cent of women before they reach the menopause, although many people experience no symptoms and are therefore unaware of the cyst’s presence. An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac that develops on the surface, or sometimes inside, the ovaries. They tend to be small and clear up without […]