For couples with fertility problems, trying to start a family can be a very distressing time. The fact that one in seven couples need medical assistance of some sort may not be of direct comfort when you are suffering yet another disappointment, but it does mean that a great deal of research is being done into infertility, and there are experienced specialists ready to help you through the process. Your first step is to see your GP who will then recommend a specialist, such as female gynaecologist Miss Amanda Tozer, to investigate the cause.

What will happen at the initial fertility consultation?

Before undergoing any tests at Amanda Tozer’s London fertility clinic, you will first talk about your medical history. Miss Tozer will then conduct a physical examination and run several diagnostic tests. These may include: semen analysis; a pelvic ultrasound to check for abnormalities such as fibroids; tubal patency tests whereby the Fallopian tube is checked for any blockages that would obstruct the egg’s movement from ovary to uterus; hormone tests to check ovulation and for imbalances; and saline sonography. Saline sonography is a means of detecting uterine abnormalities and is conducted using a transvaginal catheter through which saline is injected; the saline distends the uterine cavity, allowing abnormalities to become visible on the ultrasound. The results of this test are available immediately.

Individualised care in fertility treatments

A highly experienced female gynaecologist, Miss Amanda Tozer has helped many couples who have had repeated setbacks in either getting pregnant or carrying a baby to term. At her London fertility clinic, couples receive specialist, attentive and personal care; Miss Tozer personally conducts the tests, she talks through each step of the process at length and encourages her patients to ask questions no matter how small – and she can always contacted via her personal phone.