Polycystic ovarian syndrome is an endocrine disorder estimated to affect 5–10% of women. Here are six things you may not already know about PCOS:

  1. One in five women have polycystic ovaries. While PCOS itself is not uncommon, an even greater number of women will have polycystic ovaries; this is where the ovaries contain numerous harmless cysts measuring up to 8mm. More than half of those affected will experience no symptoms at all.
  2. PCOS can knock self-esteem. With appearance-affecting symptoms such as facial hair, alopecia or thinning hair, oily skin and weight gain, it is a condition that can significantly dent self-confidence.
  3. PCOS can cause reproductive problems. High levels of androgens in the body can negatively affect the reproductive system, causing symptoms that include pelvic pain, ovulation problems, irregular or painful periods, and infertility.
  4. Pregnancy is still a possibility. A common problem for women with PCOS is irregular ovulation, and it is this that brings many women to London female gynaecologist Amanda Tozer’s fertility clinic. The good news is that most women respond positively to fertility treatment and are able to have a family. Famous women who have become mothers in spite of their PCOS include Emma Thompson, Jools Oliver and Victoria Beckham.
  5. A healthy lifestyle is important in managing PCOS. Women who have PCOS have an increased risk of developing long-term problems including cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes – and these are more likely in those who are overweight. Exercise and good nutrition are vital in the successful management of the condition.
  6. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is treatable but not curable. Specialists like London-based Miss Amanda Tozer can help women manage their PCOS symptoms through medication and guidance on lifestyle changes. A gynaecologist with much experience of helping women with PCOS achieve a family, Miss Tozer can also guide you through your fertility treatment options.