It is not just the financial aspect that causes some couples to stall before embarking on IVF treatments but the fear of the process, too. While their eyes may be firmly focused on the hope of a baby at the end of it, many women are nervous about the side effects of fertility drugs and feeling out of control of their emotions.

There are many stressors at play

Undergoing any kind of fertility treatment is undoubtedly stressful. It will come on the back of many months, and possibly years, of dashed hopes; this itself can cause havoc with a woman’s emotional state, but commonly puts stress on a couple’s relationship, too. The aim of fertility drugs is to stimulate ovulation production, and the resulting fluctuating levels of hormones are likely to have a negative effect on mood. Some women fear this will exacerbate the existing levels of psychological distress.

Find the right specialist for you

During this unsettling time, comfort can be drawn from being under the care of a specialist with whom you enjoy a good rapport. London female gynaecologist Miss Amanda Tozer has helped many couples through their fertility treatment. At large fertility centres, the process can, at times, feel impersonal and you are likely to see several different doctors.

At Miss Tozer’s London fertility clinic you will receive personalised, one-to-one care which patients tend to find comforting. Miss Tozer talks couples through every step of the process, performing all procedures herself, and giving each patient her personal phone number, encouraging them to call with any query, however minor. She will discuss the side effects of any fertility treatments, describe how you they might affect your mood and can offer counselling, too. Amanda Tozer has many years’ experience of helping couples through this potentially bewildering and stressful time, and does so with compassion and reassurance, minimising stressors wherever possible along the way.