Preventive Care through Well-Woman Screening Provided by Gynaecology London Specialist Dr. Amanda Tozer

Most people see the doctor only when they feel something unusual happening in their bodies. And even then, many seek medical attention only when they are already encumbered by an ailment and are no longer able to function properly. This ought not to be, for many sicknesses can be avoided through early detection and prevention. Dr. Amanda Tozer, a gynaecology London specialist, believes in prevention which is why she offers well-woman screening. Well-woman screening is a regular full check-up that focuses on preventive care. Dr. Amanda Tozer, a gynaecologist London women can trust, conducts a series of tests to determine conditions that might lead to eventual sickness, starting with a full medical history. Patients then undergo examinations, which include: blood tests and full blood count; liver and renal function tests; blood pressure; urinalysis; and breast examination. The body mass index is also taken, as well as glucose and cholesterol levels. Through these, Dr. Amanda Tozer can help determine whether a patient is at risk of a disease and recommends ways of addressing it before problems begin to occur. A change in lifestyle or diet, for instance, can have a huge impact on a patient’s wellbeing. Patients can also consider undergoing other screening tests performed by the gynaecologist London women can rely on, such as human papilloma virus (HPV), cervical smear, mammography, and faecal occult blood test. These tests greatly help in detecting precancerous cells, among other conditions. In addition, bone densinometry helps in detecting mild or severe bone loss by studying bone density; while gynaecological pelvic ultrasound can help in assessing conditions such as ovarian cyst and uterine fibroids. Prevention is still the wisest approach to any medical condition, and Dr. Amanda Tozer is ready to help. For more information about the gynecology London care provided by Dr. Amanda Tozer, please call 0207-034-6240 or visit The London Clinic at 5 Devonshire Place in London. You can find the gynecology London specialist online at