Fertility problems can lay enormous stress on a couple’s relationship: many months, or even years, of dashed hopes can lead to strained relations and often recriminations, too. When couples attend Amanda Tozer’s London Fertility Clinic, she is very aware of their journey so far.

We’re both nervous…

A frequently voiced concern is that while a couple wants to know why they aren’t getting pregnant so they can do something about it, they are afraid of finding out. How will it affect their relationship? What if it is untreatable?

London female gynaecologist and fertility expert Amanda Tozer has helped many couples at this most stressful of times, treating each couple as an individual case, and talking them through every step of the way. Testimonials from her previous patients cite her personal attention, compassion, and even humour as reassuring factors during their treatment.

What happens at the consultation?

During your consultation at Amanda Tozer’s London Fertility Clinic, you will share your full medical history and then undergo diagnostic tests to identify the cause of the infertility. These include a pelvic ultrasound to identify any abnormalities, hormone level tests to identify an imbalance, tubal patency and sperm analysis. There are many other tests that can be run, depending on your individual case.

When armed with the facts, Miss Tozer will talk you through your options, explaining in detail what each approach entails and its pros and cons. Amanda Tozer offers her London patients a specialised one-to-one service; contrary to what you might experience in a large clinic, Miss Tozer will personally carry out each step of your fertility treatment: the scans, the egg collection, the embryo transfer, and so on.

Furthermore, understanding just what a bewildering process fertility treatment can be, Amanda Tozer encourages her patients to contact her directly on a personal phone number with any questions they have, no matter how small.