HyCoSy, also known as a tubal patency test, is a safe ultrasound test which is often recommended for women with unexplained fertility.

A Hycosy (Tubal Patency) test is performed to check for tubal patency. It also allows assessment of the uterine cavity and involves an ultrasound scan so that the uterus and ovaries can both be visualised. The test should be performed somewhere between day 6 and day 12 of the cycle, depending upon the length of the cycle.

An initial transvaginal scan is performed to assess the pelvis. Following this the cervix is visualised and a small catheter is passed through the cervix into the uterine cavity. Saline is initially instilled to assess the uterine cavity and then a gel which is visible on ultrasound scan, is instilled and trapped along the tubes and into the pelvis.

The procedure is routinely covered with three days of antibiotics.

It is advisable to take some form of analgesia either paracetamol or Ibroprufen at least 30 minutes prior to the procedure as it can cause some mild period like pains.

The procedure takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to perform and the results are available immediately.

To make an appointment, please call 0203 263 6025 or
email Ruth@AmandaTozer.com.

To make an appointment, please call 0203 263 6025 or
email Ruth@AmandaTozer.com.