I’m writing about my Mona Lisa experience as I never thought it would be possible to enjoy a full sexual relationship again with my partner. For the past few years (post-menopause), sexual intercourse had become very painful, so much so that I really didn’t want to even think about initiating any sexual intimacy with my boyfriend. My boyfriend was very understanding but I didn’t understand how a part of my anatomy could be causing so much of a problem and I didn’t know what to do as painful intercourse post-menopause is not something that is freely discussed!

I’d spoken with my GP about how best to manage this and after using some HRT pessaries I was still no further forward in managing the pain. I felt incredibly despondent that my body was causing so much pain and, as a woman, I felt I was failing.

Then, a wonderful friend told me about the Mona Lisa Treatment. At first I couldn’t believe that this treatment existed and my GP hadn’t told me about it and then I couldn’t believe that I would even contemplate having the treatment which involved a laser being inserted into my vagina – it sounded more like a torture than a cure but such was my despondency and near desperation that I was ready to make my appointment and take the plunge!

My friend had already started the process and assured me that although the treatment ‘sounded’ painful, in fact, the process was extremely quick (literally a few minutes) and was more ‘uncomfortable’ than causing deep pain. (She was right as the procedure was not as painful as when I had sex or when I’d last had a cervical smear.)

Amanda Tozer is amazing. She put me at ease from the very first minute I met her and I felt a huge weight fall from my shoulders as we discussed my situation and how Mona Lisa could work for me. I felt I was speaking with someone who really understood and had a treatment that might really help. I was a bit nervous for my first treatment (more a fear of the unknown than anything else) but Amanda talked me through everything, the insertion of the laser was more uncomfortable than painful and before I knew it the first treatment was over! There’s a timeline to follow with these treatments so four weeks later I was back for my second session and then six weeks later I was back for my third.

Each session was less ‘uncomfortable’ than the previous one which was very encouraging. I felt I was making progress and I no longer felt despondent about my sexual future. The menopause is only now being openly discussed in the media and on television but even now it’s rarely mentioned that the impact of low estrogen can have such a devastating effect on the vagina and I think there must be many women out there who are suffering in silence and losing their confidence and self-esteem in the process.

I understand now that I might need some extra lubrication to help things ‘move along’ but that’s OK. I also needed to do some ‘exercises’ to help ‘stretch’ things out again. I accepted that perhaps my sexual liaisons might need to be more planned than randomly spontaneous – this is something that I was willing to own but it has all been worth it.

Finally, I was ready to do a ‘test drive’ with my partner – I was slightly anxious but perhaps my anxiety was countered by my enthusiasm and desire to feel like a fully functioning woman again. As it happens, I really didn’t need to feel anxious at all. Everything worked as it should – it was beyond anything I could have imagined. Just six months previously I could not have thought that this would be possible – but it was, it is.

Being able to have sex again, enjoyable pleasurable sex is priceless. I can’t rate this treatment highly enough – it has had such a positive impact on my life and I would highly recommend any woman who is suffering in silence to try Mona Lisa with Amanda. Amanda is not only a highly experienced gynaecologist; she is also a compassionate human being who understands, who makes you feel that you’re not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope that sharing my experience in this testimonial can help another woman to think about trying the Mona Lisa treatment and reconnect with her wholeness of being a woman again.


To make an appointment, please call 0203 263 6025 or

To make an appointment, please call 0203 263 6025 or