Vaginal Dryness Treatment London

There is much talk about what the menopause does to a woman’s body temperature and her moods. There is, understandably but rather misleadingly, much less time given to what changes she is likely to experience in her vagina. The sharp drop in the levels of the hormone oestrogen can cause devastation as it plays a […]

How to choose a fertility clinic London

Anyone who is struggling with infertility will tell you how stressful an experience it can be. Whether it feels like everyone around you is caressing a blooming bump or whether you’re dreading yet another physical examination, every aspect of getting pregnant can be an ordeal – so finding the right fertility clinic for you is […]

Can Endometrial Scratching improve my chances of getting pregnant

For couples undergoing IVF, having a cycle fail despite the transferred embryo being of good quality can sometimes be all the more distressing. They may question if it doesn’t work when all the signs are good, when will it? In some cases where there has been no discernable reason for the IVF to have failed, […]