Ask most women what they imagine their treatment options will be when they come to the menopause, and the majority will say ‘HRT or a herbal alternative’. There are, however, more options for women and one of the latest introductions is the innovative MonaLisa Touch. A laser treatment for vaginal atrophy, laxity and mild urinary incontinence, it has significantly improved many of the rarely discussed menopausal symptoms for many women.

Why am I experiencing vaginal discomfort?

During the menopause, the ovaries slow down their production of oestrogen, a hormone that is integral to the health of the vulvo-vaginal tract, resulting in dehydration and malnourishment; in this state, the vagina is fragile and more susceptible to infection. When women present at female gynaecologist Miss Amanda Tozer’s menopause clinic in London, they frequently complain of vaginal pain, dryness or irritation, and sometimes experience pain during intercourse. They may also report a degree of urinary incontinence or urgency. This is all related to vaginal atrophy.

How does a laser alleviate these symptoms?

The MonaLisa Touch is a safe, painless treatment that is backed up by clinical results and takes only minutes to rejuvenate the vulvo-vaginal tract. It addresses the root of the problem – the vaginal atrophy itself – by promoting the metabolic activity the vagina had before the menopause threw everything into disarray. Using a gentle action, the laser stimulates, tightens and tones the tissue of the vaginal walls and regenerates collagen and other essential elements such as hyaluronic acid and proteoglycans. In so doing, the mucosa is rehydrated and a healthy trophic supply to the tissues restored. Understanding that vaginal laxity, dryness and discomfort can cause distress on a daily basis, Miss Tozer is pleased to be able to offer the MonaLisa Touch to her London patients as they navigate their way through the menopause.