Fibroid Investigation London

Many women who have fibroids experience no symptoms so carry on as usual, unaware of the condition. For others, the experience is very different. Female gynaecologist Miss Amanda Tozer sees many women with fibroids in her London clinic, each with their own set of symptoms – but many of the concerns are the same. Here […]

It is no secret that IVF is a stressful process. With all that is stake, it is going to be. You then throw some hormonal drugs into the mix for good measure. For every eager-to-get-going woman who presents at Miss Amanda Tozer’s London fertility clinic, there will be another who is filled with apprehension and […]

Ask most women what they imagine their treatment options will be when they come to the menopause, and the majority will say ‘HRT or a herbal alternative’. There are, however, more options for women and one of the latest introductions is the innovative MonaLisa Touch. A laser treatment for vaginal atrophy, laxity and mild urinary […]