Do you have much time in your life to think proactively about your health? Very few women do, but it is well worth factoring in some time to attend a Well Woman screening appointment. 1. Who is it for? Well Woman screening is for all women, whether they are in their reproductive or postmenopausal years. […]

For the millions of women who endure years (seven, on average) of pain before receiving a diagnosis of endometriosis, recent coverage of the disease will have come as a relief. For too long this debilitating condition has been referred to dismissively as ‘women’s problems’ by society, and many doctors do not recognise the symptoms and […]

In films, books and general parlance, the two most frequently cited menopause symptoms are (often comical) hot flushes and a significant loss of libido. However, while many women do find their sex drive has taken a nose dive, there are many others who have not lost interest in intimacy, rather the act of sex has […]