Endometriosis is not a rare condition: it affects an estimated 176 million women worldwide. However, while decades of research have told us a great deal more about the disease and how to treat it, there still exist many misconceptions. Long-standing taboos about gynaecological health, ignorance of the facts, and the wide variety of symptoms all […]

The shortage of registered donors at the UK’s new national sperm bank has been much in the news recently. Without such a service, patients feel impelled to go either overseas or to unregistered, and potentially unsafe, providers. Egg donation is an altogether more complicated affair, but this field also has a very limited number of […]

Hot flushes, mood swings and a loss of libido – these are all commonly discussed menopausal symptoms. Less talked about are symptoms experienced in the vagina: dryness, itching and burning, pain during sex and general laxity. Many women try to ignore this discomfort, either through embarrassment, or because they imagine it is an inevitable – […]