Women who have gone through the menopause will tell you that they suffered a range of symptoms. Some were perhaps merely mild irritations, but others may have caused distress, especially when a previously happy sex life was affected.

During the menopause, the ovaries produce less oestrogen to which the vulvo-vaginal tract reacts sensitively; this decline can lead to vaginal atrophy and, very commonly, dryness.

What are my treatment options?

While the menopause itself cannot be ‘cured’ there are a number of approaches to managing the symptoms. London female gynaecologist Miss Amanda Tozer helps many women each year in her menopause clinic, offering balanced and specialist advice on HRT, alternative therapies and lifestyle changes. Miss Tozer is now also able to offer an innovative and effective laser treatment for vaginal atrophy: the FDA approved MonaLisa Touch. Through a gentle and relatively painless action, the laser rejuvenates the vaginal tissue and restores the pre-menopausal structure. Pre-menopausal metabolic activity can recommence, regaining hydrated vagina mucosa. Clinical results show that after just three treatments in menopause patients, the MonaLisa Touch 75% of women notice an improvement in vaginal dryness.

Are there other benefits to the MonaLisa Touch?

By using laser energy to treat the mucosa of the vagina walls, the tissue is tightened, toned and reshaped and the production of collagen stimulated. In this way the laser treatment can help many women both perimenopausal and postpartum who suffer from vaginal laxity, mild urinary incontinence and pain during sexual intercourse. At Miss Amanda Tozer’s London clinic, the treatment is delivered in three sessions, each lasting three minutes and scheduled four to six weeks apart. A fast, simple and safe procedure, the MonaLisa Touch has proven results and has helped many women to embrace their post-menopausal life without the confidence-destroying symptoms of vaginal atrophy.