Do you have much time in your life to think proactively about your health? Very few women do, but it is well worth factoring in some time to attend a Well Woman screening appointment.

1. Who is it for?

Well Woman screening is for all women, whether they are in their reproductive or postmenopausal years. There is a misconception that it is only really relevant for women in their later years but there are many feminine conditions that do not discriminate by age.

2. Is it not sufficient to make an appointment with my GP?

Your GP is certainly your first port of call if you have any concerns but the NHS cannot cover such a level of screening – nor will your GP have the specialist equipment to run all the tests (e.g. pelvic ultrasounds). During your Well Woman screening with London female gynaecologist Amanda Tozer, you will discuss your full medical history and any current concerns before undergoing a flexible package of tests. The consultation is an unhurried affair, and Miss Tozer will personally talk you through the results, advising on any necessary next steps, be they further treatment or simply lifestyle changes.

3. What tests will be run?

At Miss Tozer’s London clinic, she offers the full range of Well Woman screening tests including blood tests, full blood count, liver and renal function, BMI, blood pressure, fasting glucose and cholesterol levels, urinalysis, hormone tests, breast examination, thyroid function, bone densitometry and the CA125 tumour marker for ovarian cancer.

4. Do I want to know?

While some women will say that ignorance is bliss, others will argue that knowledge is power. Early detection of any condition – be it anaemia, diabetes, a hyperactive thyroid or cancer – means swifter, targeted action and a better chance of full recovery.