How to choose a fertility clinic London

Anyone who is struggling with infertility will tell you how stressful an experience it can be. Whether it feels like everyone around you is caressing a blooming bump or whether you’re dreading yet another physical examination, every aspect of getting pregnant can be an ordeal – so finding the right fertility clinic for you is important. Here are some points to consider.

1. What are their qualifications and success rates?

When embarking on IVF, most people find it reassuring to know that their fertility doctor is indeed a specialist who has a good track record of helping couples to achieve a family.

2. Who will perform each procedure?

There are several stages in the IVF journey, from consultation and diagnostic scans, to ovulation induction, egg collection and embryo transfer. Often in large clinics these will be performed by several different people, something some patients find impersonal, adding to their bewilderment at the whole process. Female gynaecologist Miss Amanda Tozer offers her London IVF patients one-to-one treatment with continuity of care, personally performing each step. Furthermore, understanding that couples going through fertility treatment benefit from being able to talk through concerns, Miss Tozer provides all her patients with her direct line and encourages them to call at any time.

3. What are the total costs?

No decision about medical care should be made on cost, but it is important that you know the full financial picture before embarking on treatment. Establish from the start that there will be no hidden extras.

4. What is the general atmosphere like?

Testimonials from past patients describe London-based Miss Amanda Tozer’s approach as compassionate, reassuring and personalised. Having confidence that you are in the right hands will help you through this emotionally difficult time.