The belief that Well Woman Screening is relevant only for older women is a misconception. While the risk of many specific conditions does increase with age, a woman’s gynaecological health during her reproductive years is also of vital importance. The reality is that you are never too young to start taking care of your health. The purpose of screening is to flag up potential concerns; it may inform you that lifestyle changes are required, or that other preventative measures would be advisable.

Which conditions should I be screened for?

Female gynaecologist Miss Amanda Tozer offers the full range of screening tests at her London clinic, as well as a choice of three Well Woman Screening packages. Miss Tozer will gladly advise you on which type of screening is most appropriate for you, taking into account your age and both your personal and family medical history.

Standard tests include full blood count, liver and renal function test, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels and urinalysis. Tests for early indications of cancer include HPV, cervical smear, faecal occult blood test, and ovarian and endometrial cancer screening. With an estimated 1 in 50 women in England living with an overactive thyroid, thyroid function is another important test; so, too, is bone densitometry.

I don’t think I want to know…

Feeling nervous when attending your Well Woman Screening is a very natural emotion; indeed some women wonder if they would rather not know that they are more likely to develop a condition in later years. However, as Miss Amanda Tozer explains to her London patients, knowledge is power: being aware of risks gives you the opportunity to manage and, potentially, to decrease them. With individualised screening in a reassuring and specialist environment, you can feel confident about taking charge of your feminine health.